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Oxygen O2 Sensor replacement in Brick NJ 08723

Do you need Oxygen O2 Sensor replacement in Brick NJ?

Al's Auto Care in Brick, NJ does Oxygen O2 Sensor replacement on all vehicle types.

Al's Auto Care has the tools and equipment to quickly and correctly perform Oxygen O2 Sensor repair in Brick, NJ 08723. Oxygen O2 Sensor replacement cost varies depending on your vehicle. Contact us for a Oxygen O2 Sensor repair price estimate.

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Our Oxygen Sensor Service

  1. Scan vehicle computer system to check for faulty oxygen sensors.
  2. Test that the oxygen sensor is faulty.
  3. Check vehicle oxygen vehicle wiring.
  4. Remove and install new oxygen sensor.
  5. Scan vehicle computer system to verify correct oxygen sensor operation.

Signs you need Oxygen O2 Sensor Replacement

  • Sudden high fuel consumption
  • Difficulty engine starting
  • rough idle
  • Poor engine performance or low power.

What causes an oxygen sensor to fail?

  • vehicle age and high mileage
  • bad spark plugs (engine misfire)
  • excessive oil burning (engine wear)
  • poor quality fuel
  • catalytic converter failure

Why Fix Oxygen O2 Sensor?

  • cause catalytic converter damage (expensive)
  • significant increase in fuel consumption
  • high air pollution & failed emissions test

Benefits of Oxygen Sensor Replacement

  • save gas
  • improve performance
  • reduce air pollution

O2 Oxygen Sensor Replacement Cost

Replacing the oxygen sensor is a relatively inexpensive maintenance procedure on most vehicles. Cost of the O2 sensor varies greatly. Some vehicles have a single O2 sensor, some vehicles have two, or even three, oxygen sensors. Please contact Al's Auto Care for a free estimate for Oxygen O2 Sensor replacement.

Oxygen O2 Sensor Function

An oxygen or (O2) sensor is an electronic device that measures the Air to Fuel ratio for your engine. By sensing the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas, the oxygen sensor signals the engine computer to adjust the amount of fuel injected into the engine. This delivers the correct amount of fuel for maximum performance, maximum fuel economy, and minimal exhaust emissions.

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