About Staff
  • Customer relations expert, Kali makes sure our customers are happy. A very important job!
  • Worked at Al’s Auto Care since 1996

Kali Romanow

Office Manager / Co-Owner

Background / Interests

Kali took the job at Al’s mainly because she wanted to work with her husband Chris, and quickly found why he loved his job; the customers. She makes sure the service quality at Al’s Auto Care is always top notch and that customers stay informed about the status of their cars.

Kali brings a key benefit to Al’s. She shops for the best parts at the best prices and demands that the parts suppliers stand behind their products. Quality parts at the best price is a key advantage for customers at Al’s – something you won’t find at most auto repair shops.

Outside of work Kali is 100% devoted to her two daughters, Kaycee and Christina. She volunteers at the girl’s school and is a member of the LRMS Parent Teacher Association. Kali helps the girls with their homework, which is not easy these days! At the moment her hobby is being the best mother she can be.

Kali also loves to help everyone feel at home when they visit the shop. And she is also always ready to discuss the latest reality TV show episode…